Cash Discount Processor Review – Clearent

Clearent, LLC


Clearent blends a cash discount program with surcharging in order to be a desirable option for just about anyone.  It’s called the Clearent Empower Program.  There’s a noticeable lack of verbiage that you normally see touting a “Zero Fee” program or “eliminate 100% of your fees”.  While some may consider this a setback compared to other processors offering a such cash discount programs, we look at it as a good thing and perhaps a more realistic approach to a comprehensive solution that incorporates both of the popular programs.

A feature we feel is key in highlighting is their “next day funding” option.  Instead of waiting a week or a month for revenue to become available for business operations, the Clearent Empower cash discount program will have the previous days funds in your bank account by the next morning.  Depending on the business, this may save a merchant a lot of expense in bridge loans or operations financing fees.

Looking in the cupboards a bit, we found that Clearent has an A+ rating with the BBB.  There are 20 customer complaints that appear to have been resolved.  We don’t shutter at this.  In fact, it’s usually a good sign when customer claims are found.  It supports current activity among merchants, as well as an active support department that works to resolve concerns and promote the growth of the merchant.  If no complaints were found, that would be very telling of a company that wasn’t working hard to promote their product and help merchants push their limits.

The Clearent Empower Promise:

  • Transparent pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • Accept all card types and ways to pay
  • Friendly, reliable customer service
  • 24/7 access to your account


The Program

We are convinced that processors that have a specific and branded cash discount program are the same that truly understand the ins and outs of the cash discount program as outlined in the Durbin Amendment.  They do offer a variety of hardware and we’ll assume the software they’ll onboard you with is going to automate your cash discount transactions.  We recommend asking exactly what is offered in comparison to other processors we’ve reviewed here.

You will have the ability to charge a flat fee or a percentage to the customer.  They’ll help you with compliance on the receipts as well as provide you with free signage.



All of their services are focused on reducing or eliminating your processing fees if possible:

  • Hardware
  • EMV
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Debit Services
  • Credit Services
  • E-Commerce Processing
  • B2B
  • Credit & Debit Card Processing


Customer Support

We haven’t experienced their support directly, so we will need to encourage anyone looking at Clearent to be diligent in their contract review, as well as any complaints and reviews on the BBB website and make your informed decision.

  • Call
  • Email


In Sum

Clearent prides itself on innovative technology and a well-designed program.  That’s where they’ll deliver on whatever solution your business needs.  It’s a one-size fits all, but offers a more tailored experience if needed.  They are focused on making you more profitable, so ask them how they can do that for you.  They’ve been around almost 10 years so they’re doing something right or they wouldn’t be in business still.


Cash Discount Team
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