5 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

5 Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

Everyone knows that one of the best ways to get repeat business is to provide the kind of customer service that people want. But how do you do this? We’ve got five easy tips you implement with your employees to keep the customers returning!

Listen To Your Customers

Probably the single, most important tip. If customers feel like they are being ignored, especially if it’s a concern or problem they have, they’re going to leave. Always have your employees be active, engaged listeners during customer interactions. After all, how can a problem be addressed if you don’t even know what it is?

Exercise Patience

This is just as important for the sanity of your employee as it is for the benefit of the customers! Patience is definitely a virtue, and the ability to wait things out, or let a person finish their sentences without interruption goes a long way towards making a customer feel attended to and heard.

Be Friendly & Calm

One of the best ways to avoid a conflict is to not escalate. If your staff can be friendly, and maintain calm control, you’re far less likely to get shouting matches. Most people don’t want to look like the out of control person in public that is the only one throwing a temper tantrum.

Take Action

Customers, when they have a concern, want to see that something is being done. Always make sure that when customers are presenting an issue, your staff are taking some kind of tangible action that shows that the issue is not just being “swept under the rug” to forget about it.


Try to make sure the customers walk away with something. For example, even ordinary purchases at the store, without issues, might benefit from a cash discount, if customers choose to pay in this way. Always make the customer feel like they got a little something extra.

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